Public Comment Guidelines

While the AE DDA is not required to accept public comment, the Authority shall do so in order to promote collegial and collaborative relationships with citizens.


The DDA shall take public comment at the end of every meeting, and during the conduct of meetings as part of any agenda items requiring a vote, before a vote is taken.     When such an item is discussed, the topic will be introduced and discussed among the DDA members, then public comment will be taken, subject to the guidelines below, and then, at the discretion of the chair, public comment will be closed and the DDA members will conclude their discussions and vote.


Generally speaking, individuals attending DDA meetings are encouraged to work out specific concerns and questions with DDA individuals before or immediately following meetings, when it is appropriate to do so.

Public Comment Guidelines:

  • When making a comment, an individual will state his/her name and address.
  • Individuals making comment shall be limited to 3 minutes. The Chair shall appoint a timekeeper who will alert individuals making comment when they have 30 seconds left as a courtesy, and then at the end of 3 minutes, clearly and firmly that their time has expired.   Individuals that do not respect the time limit will be deemed out of order and asked to leave the meeting.
  • If individuals’ comments include questions, the DDA may choose, at the end of the individual’s comment period, at their discretion to answer. Generally, the DDA will not spend time on questions that have been addressed in a prior meeting, or by publically available information.   Rather, the Chair will refer such availability to the individual.
  • The Chair will allow a reasonable time period (‘reasonable’ to be determined by the Chair at that time) to allow all individuals desiring to make comment to do so. If, after all individuals desiring to comment have done so, there is anyone desiring a second or subsequent comment, the Chair will not be required to allow, but may do so at his/her sole discretion.
  • Individuals making comments are asked to remember that the Authority is made up of citizen and business owning volunteers.
  • All are asked to be respectful and courteous.
  • While public speaking is not everyone’s comfort zone, individuals are encouraged to not be repetitive, needing only to make their points once. A good guideline when making a comment is to make it as if you are leaving a voice message.

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