Calling Avondale Estates Residents,

Get Ready to Rumble!

During construction, compete against your neighbors to support our local businesses. Bragging rights and prizes are on the line.

Gear up, neighbors! It’s time to rally around our local gems during the Shop Local Throw Down! As road construction shakes up our streets, let’s unite to support our beloved businesses. From cozy cafes to boutique shops, every purchase packs a punch in keeping our community thriving. Join the fight and show your neighborhood spirit as we navigate through these bumps together. Let’s turn detours into discoveries and construction chaos into a celebration of our local treasures! Are you ready to rumble for your favorites?

It’s Easy to Participate and Win:

Rally the Team
  • Find your team on the map.
Spend Locally
  • Frequency is rewarded — save those receipts.
Submit Receipts
  • Give receipts to your team captain.
Enjoy Monthly Promos
  • Be on the lookout for giveaways and specials.
Win Big
  • Each quarter, the team with the most receipts wins a party at a downtown business!
DDA Chair Dave Deiters announce Shop Local Throw Down in front of Complete Street Groundbreaking banner.

Read more about the competition from the Downtown Development Authority Chair, Dave Deiters.

Read the Blog Post

Find Your Team

The city has been divided into 11 teams. Click on your captain’s name to email them.

Map of Avondale Estates divided into 11 teams for Shop Local Throw DownCAPTAINS

Team 1 – Malcome Phillips

Team 2 – Shelly Groves

Team 3 – Josh Norris

Team 4 – Nancy Darden & Lynn Thompson

Team 5 – Erica Sheidler

Team 6 – Julie Fleming

Team 7 – Connie Bryans

Team 8 – Cricket Beach

Team 9 – Ernie Ahlquist

Team 10 – Liz deGoursac

Team 11 – Billy Elek

Don’t know your team? Use the map below.

Click on a section to zoom in and out and find your team. On mobile, click on the full-screen button in the top right corner to open the Google Maps app.

Barrel "Man" with Road Sign Titled North Avondale Complete Street Project

Learn About the North Avondale Complete Street Project

The N. Avondale Road and E. College Avenue area is undergoing a major transformation to create a more walkable, safe and attractive corridor that will connect the community and encourage downtown development. The new design will be more efficient, attractive, safer and more accessible for cyclists and walkers. Creating a better place means better opportunities, and research shows that changing the corridor from a place that people drive through, to one that they drive to, will improve economic vitality for local businesses.