A Message from City Manager Patrick Bryant: “Best Small Town Beer Scene”

If you’ve been following our social media accounts, you know that Avondale Estates was recently crowned Best Small Town Beer Scene by the national publication, USA Today! We are thrilled that the rest of the country knows what we have known for years: Avondale Estates is the place to be for great, innovative beer! We were awarded this title because of people just like you who believe in our City and diligently voted. Statistically, we probably shouldn’t have stood a chance, as some of the competing cities were 10 times larger, but this win is truly a testament to the pride that we take in our great City.
It’s not the only recognition that Avondale Estates has recently received, as the City continues to gain local, regional, and national attention in everything from our architecture to our outstanding tree canopy. And while beer might not be everyone’s favorite beverage of choice, this particular honor is about more than the suds.
Brewing a world class beer is no small feat. It combines science and craftsmanship, experimentation, and repeated rounds of trial and error. That combination says a lot about both the beer that we’re enjoying and the City of Avondale Estates. We can appreciate the foundations and traditions that make up our City while elevating it to something new, exciting, and sustainable. The businesses of Avondale Estates have taught us that lesson in the past year with their resilience, commitment to quality, and innovation. Each have faced challenges to stay safe, remain financially sound, and yet, they continue to successfully operate. This is especially true of our notable beer scene that includes local breweries, outstanding restaurants, and fantastic retail locations.
The beer scene in Avondale Estates in inherently social. We Avondalians like to connect over an IPA, saison, or stout, discuss the day’s successes, and comment on what we think tomorrow will bring. We like to try new flavors and brews, comparing and contrasting the malt and the hop character. In Avondale Estates we are fortunate to have access to some of the best breweries, restaurants, and watering holes. These independent businesses are also gaining prominence nationally with the green, sustainable practices of The Lost Druid or the notable sensations of Emergency Drinking Beer and Fauci Spring at Wild Heaven. Some of you might not know, but a third brewery, Little Cottage, is set to open in the near future. The initial buzz indicates that Little Cottage will be a special and welcome addition to our already thriving beer community.
It’s impossible to pick just one so I want to share a few of my personal favorites. Let’s start with Wild Heaven, pioneer of the Avondale Estates beer scene, founded and made possible through investments of many of our residents. While many of you undoubtedly know about the aforementioned Emergency Drinking Beer and Fauci Spring, Nick and Eric have been producing tons of great stuff during the pandemic. Their two most recent IPAs, Double Dose and New School Fools (an homage to local Hip-Hop legends Outkast) are both excellent. Wild Heaven also recently produced two delicious bourbon barrel-conditioned beers, 95 Schilling, a Scotch ale, and 437 Miles South, a stout.
The Lost Druid, now in operation for nearly two years (wow, time flies!) has been cranking out new beers thanks to Stacia and Rob. If you’re looking for a style not found at other Atlanta-area breweries, The Lost Druid is sure to satisfy. It’s hard to beat their chocolate-peanut stout, Untimely Demise. If you love stouts, you must get your hands on some of that the next time its available. And Infinite Voyage, an English IPA, is a unique twist on the IPA style that will not disappoint.
But the Avondale Estates beer scene does not stop at our breweries. The Beer Growler, a taproom that features 45 selections at any given time, continuously rotates beers from Atlanta and beyond. They always have a top-notch selection of IPAs, sours, Belgians, porters, stouts, and ciders. If you like it, they’ve likely got it!
In addition to serving up local favorites such as crunchy black-eyed peas or the Dillon, My Parents Basement (“MPB”) takes their beer seriously. Like The Beer Growler, MPB is constantly rotating their taps to provide its patrons with offerings to match any pallet. And if you’re into the comic book scene as much as you are the beer scene, MPB is a must stop.
I’d be remiss if I didn’t mention the remainder of Avondale Estates’ other purveyors of the cold one. Restaurants such as The Stratford, Savage Pizza, Arepa Mia, Rising Son, Avondale Pizza Café, Vietvana, and Kafenio are always serving up tasty cold ones. So, if you’re looking for great food in addition to great beer, the businesses of Avondale Estates have you covered. And it wouldn’t be a proper beer article if I left off Avondale Estates’ own world-class package store, Jax Package. Have you seen their beer cooler? Its tremendous! If beer is not your drink of choice, The Purple Corkscrew offers a great selection of high quality wines with a focus on wines crafted by black wine producers.
Congratulations to all of these businesses that make up part of the country’s #1 Best Small Town Beer Scene. I raise my glass to you, along with all who voted, and can’t wait to celebrate just one more way that Avondale Estates is unique and great place to live, work, and play.


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