Avondale Art Walk

Downtown Master Plan Vision

“The City of Avondale Estates is a vibrant, growing community
with a small-town feel, which is inclusive of all residents, supports
new and established businesses, and encourages quality and
sustainable development. The downtown will follow the holistic
city plan first designed by George Willis with integrated
transportation, passive and active recreation opportunities,
extensive landscaping, and exceptional architecture maintaining the
City’ s unique sense of place.
Downtown Avondale Estates will be a unique pedestrian-oriented
town center. New development will preserve and celebrate the
City’s arts and cultural heritage and provide housing and
destinations for shopping and services, all within an environment of
tree-lined streets, pocket parks, and plazas. A network of streets
with wide sidewalks and bike facilities will provide safe
connectivity throughout downtown and link it to MARTA and
surrounding neighborhoods.”

Mission Statement

The DDA’s mission is to encourage redevelopment activities and
provide assistance to private and public partners for the purpose of
improving the downtown area.